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Our GSL Journey

It’s been a year since hundreds and millions of young children from all around the world, speaking different languages, inheriting different cultures, all global leaders motivated to bring a change in the world have taken part in this competition.

Mission Successful: Operation Donation

Our project: Operation Donation hopes to pass on the message of the importance of education and to educate the public about why it is most vital for everyone in the world, including those in poverty. We are hoping to be able to help the local community in terms of the issue with poverty by donating useful materials to them, especially during the pandemic. In summary, our project is to raise awareness of the dangers of wasting by kindly asking people to donate used things so those items could be passed on to people who really need them.


The Trash Zero project aims to develop and guide the current unrecognized issue of plastic waste in Cambodia. As an individual living in Cambodia for around 13 years, it has come to my attention that many of the locals are not aware of how to reduce their uses of plastic in their households, or aware that plastic is not biodegradable, and therefore can harm the natural environment here.

Going Green with Hydroponics

In the current climate, there are several issues our team identified and wanted to tackle with our project! Firstly, due to global warming, fresh water is becoming a scarcity and, in our region 70% of the water is used by the agriculture sector (often ineffectively). Furthermore, we noticed that habitats of at-risk wildlife were being destroyed and used for field farming, our region also suffers from air pollution (propelled by the lack of greenery) and, lastly, the agriculture sector produces 20 billion tons of food waste yearly (much still usable), despite thousands of people going hungry.

EcoVille; Nurturing Nature for a Better Future

We are EcoVille [pronounced eco-will], a team of budding innovators hailing from Our Own English High School Sharjah, UAE. Our team consists of Humairah, Afsheen, Shreya, Alisha and Suchi. We came together as a team for the GSL Global Goals competition. We work towards a sustainable future and strive to make our products eco-friendly.

Creating a clean lifecycle for plastic

Plastic pollution has recently come to be one of the most critical complications and a major issue regarding environment cleanliness. When observing our environment, it is even visible to us as individuals how much we are surrounded by the accumulating amount of plastic waste. Be it finding a fish with a bottle cap stuck to its mouth or birds trying to consume plastic, every one of us has experienced first-hand the harm plastic pollution has inflicted on the wildlife.

Less Paper, Paper Less. Reducing paper usage within our school to promote sustainability

At the Northwest corner of Tsinghua University, Tsinghua International School (THIS)'s Spartans have initiated the project, Less Paper Paper Less, as not only a part of the International Relations class but also as a part of a mission to make the school more sustainable. This class has discussed everything from migration to globalization to sustainability to neoliberalism, and will soon discuss the dark themes behind terrorism.

Achieving it all, Hand In Hand

When brainstorming for potential problems we could address in our community we were looking for the people who needed the most support. We noticed it was often the people that did not speak about their worries out loud. Many parents work in Dubai to provide a better life for their children back in their home countries. As beautiful of an act this is, these kids which are often in school tend to have a lack of support when it comes to academic help.

Ecomoving: Sustainable Movement

Ecomoving's team intend to change the way in which pupils access the school - replacing traditional means of transport with more sustainable ones. With this there will be an improvement in traffic at school entrance and exit times, which will result in a reduction in atmospheric pollution.

Dear Young Writers of Indonesia...

This project idea came from when we realized how undervalued literature and arts are in our community. We’ve met people who wanted to write books or draw comics, but most eventually give up on it. Those who aspired to be authors or illustrators would often quit early because they have none of the resources nor experience to properly pursue it.


As we all are aware of the fact that sewers constitute a large amount of waste materials, germs, and toxic chemicals which can cause health problems such as hepatitis, cholera, and typhoid in the place where sewage is dumped. It can also contaminate water sources that are used for drinking, bathing etc.

Re-Charge - Give light and people will find the way

Our project was made to tackle two dire problems that we have observed in our respective communities: lack of electricity and climate change. The fact that 200 million Indians live, quite literally in the darkness (according to World Bank data) is one of the biggest crises in the world.