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Together for Better

In my community, I have realized that there is a vital need for English language to be taught. Knowing how to speak English is a necessary skill in life as it helps people communicate better, therefore with a group of people from my school we have come up with ways to teach people English.

Clean the world, one plastic bottle at a time!

Every time we go to the beach, the sea or near a lake we see lots of trash! This is terrible because animals in the water might become trapped or choke on the plastic - this needs to stop! We must help the animals like the turtle, dolphins, and seacows. We noticed in school that students and teachers were using plastic cups and small bottles everyday...

LifeLIghts: Lighting Up Lives

Through primary/secondary research, we were able to discover that almost 24 million Indians are living without electricity; essentially living in the dark. Looking at our own community, it is clear to see the disparity between those who can afford such amenities and those who can't. Light is something that we take for granted, something that a lot of people can't access, and we planned to change that.

The Green Environments

We realised that there is a constant reduction in green environment, flowers for the Bees and for beautification purpose. We want to ensure that we covered the necessary areas with Green plants and flowers. Pollination is necessary in our area, without flowers it will be difficult for the Bees to pollinates. Also in learning, planting of Green grasses will educate us about different species of plants and flowers.

A letter from Sir David Attenborough inspires us to keep going!

Since our last blog, the BSAK Eco Innovators have organised and executed a very successful GSL stall at our school fete where we sold reusable bags, metal straws and bamboo cups. We sold out of everything! It was a brilliant day where we educated many on the perils of single use plastic. We also researched and designed 5 posters which we displayed at the fete.

The Helping Hands Project - Help us, help others!

The Helping Hands Project aims to hold collection and distribution drives for people to donate their unwanted household and pre-loved personal items and spare coins, all of which add on to clutter at our homes, however can be used to help the needy. These items will be used to cater the needs of local poor communities/communities affected by disasters/calamities such as typhoons.


In our project we focus on bringing a solution for the unavailability of safe drinking water in a selected school and its surrounded village area of the dry zone. We have planned to have a water purification unit in this selected school “Ipaloogama Junior School” that will supply drinking water in healthy condition for human consumption to school community as well as the villagers around this school.

One Step Closer to a Clean Cirebon!

Indonesians are drowning in a sea of trash. In Jakarta, the capital city, 175 000 tons of household waste is created every day. Our hometown, Cirebon, doesn’t encounter a significant difference. It is typical to see a pile of trash by the road, on the road, on mountains, beaches and basically everywhere.

Buzz! Buzz!! Feeding the Bees

The name of the project is feeding the Bees. We started our project with planting of flowers on a nursery bed for later planting on the Field. We realised that there is no flowers and also green plating ground in our schools and community.

Hand in hand

We live in a community where different social classes are exposed to a different amount of opportunities according to the financial capabilities of the individual. We believe that education to human beings is just as essential as nutrition and sleep and other activities human beings do to survive.

Clean water against cholera

We approached our chemistry department to help us with plan for a cheap and easy water filter. We identified companies to approach for container donations

While there is life, there is hope

Cambridge Young Volunteers Shaping the Future is made up eight Year 7 girls from Cambridge International School (Khartoum – Sudan), who are all driven by the passion to try something NEW – not just for ourselves, but for other young people in our community regardless of any kind of background.