“I really enjoyed interacting with peers from all over the world and hearing their ideas and global issues within their countries. It was very inspiring to be surrounded by young people with a want for bettering their communities.”

“I enjoyed how motivating the team leaders were, as they showed great interest in the topics at hand, and consequently made me very interested in them as well.”

“I got to know more about leadership, and what traits leaders should have. The GSL course also helped me grow more vision to look at things differently, and think about how I can solve them in different ways.”

“It really helped me learn a lot about what leadership really is and how positive and wonderful it can be for people. I loved learning about ways to improve my wellbeing and mental health and how to manage my stress correctly, because I think that’s useful not only in leadership but also in life.”

“The extraordinary amount of love, support and encouragement really made the experience enjoyable as a whole.”

to all young leaders who have completed the programme!

This page contains key information about the graduation ceremony, certificates and next steps, so please read carefully.

Graduation will take place online via Zoom on Thursday 16 December 2021 at 08:00 UK time or 15:00 UK time.

Please attend the morning or afternoon session based on when you attended the virtual leadership weekend.

  • You will attend the morning graduation if your facilitator was Nadia, Lina, Dami or Jakub.
  • You will attend the evening graduation if your facilitator was Jason, Seven, Juliette or Amelia.

Together we will celebrate the end of the programme and share the details of how to get involved in our GSL Global Goals Competition (which is free to participate).

You will receive your e-certificate via email after the graduation event.

  • Celebrate student achievement

  • Connect with participants & coaches for one final time

  • Reflect on learnings & takeaways

  • Learn about challenges & triumphs from our students

  • Join the GSL Global Goals Competition 2021-22

If you are using a mobile device we advise you to download the app ahead of the start of the event. If you are using a windows PC click here do download an installer on your PC.

Please click on the link below to join graduation! Once clicked you will be asked to insert your email address and your name.